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Thread: Black/blank screen after startup

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    Default Black/blank screen after startup

    I recently tried to install the newest version of zonealarm free firewall, but after i installed when i restarted my computer, after the windows icon had come up and the loading screen dissappeared, when normally i would be able to see the desktop the screen was just blank. Ctrlaltdel still worked and i was able to get up the task manager, and so i restarted my comp in safe mode and uninstalled and it worked again fine after that.

    I then tried Brand-X firewall, and i had exactly the same problem. after a couple of restarts i tried waiting for a bit and eventually the desktop came up after this black screen, and so maybe that is the same case for zonealarm and i just didnt wait long enough.

    does anyone know what could be causing this and how i could fix it?

    at the moment i am also using AVG free anti virus.

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