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Thread: Thunderbird, ZA antivirus and e-mail: issues

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    Angry Thunderbird, ZA antivirus and e-mail: issues

    I am using Thunderbird (TB) email client. There are 12 emails that some are POP3 or IMAP. 3 monts ago one of my POP3 email started rolling back to old days. Old emails were reappearing new ones were deleting. First I thought it was because of plugins. I disabled. Problem still existed. Then I thought it was because of compacting problem. No it wasn't.

    After I understood that the problem is out from TB, I backed up and deleted the content of Inbox. I monitored inbox file of the email with "Prosess Monitor". What I see is vsmon.exe is writing on that file. That way I found the problem is coming from ZA. When I check ZA folder I found "C:\ProgramData\CheckPoint\ZoneAlarm\Data\avsys\ba ckup" have the copy of my Inbox file which is the same size and modified date.

    Now, what is the solution?

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    Never heard of this before Please right click the ZA icon near the clock, about, copy to clipboard, paste it here.

    Normally ZA does not touch e-mails unless something has happen with the settings or you are running an old version of ZA. MOreover the folder you mention is dedicated to antivirus signature backups, not e-mail backups. Unless you have modified a setting in Thunderbird to save a back there. This is most probably an explanation....

    Please note that, with a valid license, you can contact, free of charge, the official technical support at the link in my signature (look for the live chat in the main ZA support page) - We are all users here - .

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    Default Re: Thunderbird, ZA antivirus and e-mail: issues

    You could also seek help at MozillaZine

    Thunderbird Support :

    Have a nice Day

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    Default Re: Thunderbird, ZA antivirus and e-mail: issues

    Since Av is tied in with VSmon that is probably the on access Av scanner touching the TB files that you see.

    I would suggest you exclude the main Tb directory

    Open ZA, Click Computer, Click Settings under Anti virus/Anti-spy ware
    Click Advanced setting button
    Click Exceptions
    click Add
    then type the main root directory for TB.
    Once this is done then on access scanning will not touch any files under the directory you specified.

    If there is more than one main directory you will need to find all of those and exclude of of them too.
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