I am using Thunderbird (TB) email client. There are 12 emails that some are POP3 or IMAP. 3 monts ago one of my POP3 email started rolling back to old days. Old emails were reappearing new ones were deleting. First I thought it was because of plugins. I disabled. Problem still existed. Then I thought it was because of compacting problem. No it wasn't.

After I understood that the problem is out from TB, I backed up and deleted the content of Inbox. I monitored inbox file of the email with "Prosess Monitor". What I see is vsmon.exe is writing on that file. That way I found the problem is coming from ZA. When I check ZA folder I found "C:\ProgramData\CheckPoint\ZoneAlarm\Data\avsys\ba ckup" have the copy of my Inbox file which is the same size and modified date.

Now, what is the solution?