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Thread: Windows hosts file threat

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    Default Windows hosts file threat

    ZA has constantly detect the host file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts) on Windows 7 64-bit as a malware threat. I have made an exclusion, but it continues. What setting(s) in ZA can I apply to have it disregard it as a threat?

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    this normally happens if you use third party blacklist of sites introduced into hosts.

    Depending on the tyoe of detection you will need to exclude it both in the on-access and on-demand scans.

    See here below how to exclude files/folder/detection from ZA:
    How to diagnose and/or report antivirus/antispyware false positives

    If you have still problems then you should:

    1. Specify the exact version of ZA used;
    2. The exact detection message (screenshot would be welcome)
    3. What you have done in detail to exclude hosts file in ZA.


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    Default Re: Windows hosts file threat

    Thank you, I'll look into those settings. I do have BlueCoat's K9 Web Protection installed.. and thought may be a conflict.

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