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Thread: ZA-AV how to work around the UI?

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    Yogee Guest

    Question ZA-AV how to work around the UI?

    When I updated from version 93_037 to the latest one (15) there is a major weakness that's so user-hostile that I had to uninstall and roll back to the old version. The list of programs under the Program Control tab can no longer be expanded in size! The list is presented in a box maybe 5 x 5 inches on the screen and the text is unreadable. The "full screen" box in the upper right corner does not work, and there are no expander arrows around the edges. I manage this list every day and need to know if there is a full-screen solution, otherwise I'm sticking with the version that can be expanded to full screen. Thank you.
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    Default Re: ZA-AV how to work around the UI?


    Not to sure what version your using (15??)

    The latest version is 10.2.078

    The application list does not have a maximize button.
    You can manually enlarge the box. But will not fully maximize to the entire screen.

    Suggest you download the latest version first.

    The UI had a major overhaul over a year ago.
    This is not considered something new and is not a design flaw or user-hostile.

    If you dont like the UI just use a version you prefer. But be aware no support is given for 9.x.

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    Yogee Guest

    Default Re: ZA-AV how to work around the UI?

    Using 9.37. Didn't mean 15 when I mentioned the latest version. If the user can not read the Program List from more than 6 inches from the screen, and the design prevents expanding it, it's user-hostile. I care about usability more than support.

    I had not seen my question posted for several days after submitting so I reposted it on 9/21. Ten seconds later I saw the original. Please erase the duplicate. Thank you.

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