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Thread: ZA Free Antivirus + Firewall install as a 64-bit Application

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    Default ZA Free Antivirus + Firewall install as a 64-bit Application


    I have an XPS Studio 9100 w/Windows 7. It will run both 32 & 64bit programs, but I never use anything 32bit.

    When trying to install the ZA Free Antivirus + Firewall, I try to change the folder location but I get a popup that tells me I can't install it to a 64bit folder.... anyone know why that is? The system requirements for the program say it's for both 32 & 64bit systems. Is there a way to get around this?

    Any help would be appreciated........ Kiteman
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    Default Re: ZA Free Antivirus + Firewall install


    Zone Alarm is designed to be installed into it's own Default Folder ..

    I'm Sorry, Checkpoint does not make a 64-Bit APP yet..

    Zone Alarm is Now Windows 7 32/64bit Compatible
    Not a 64-Bit Program.. (that means that Zone Alarm will Install on Windows 7 64-Bit OS, but will run in 32-Bit mode)

    The same Zone Alarm Install file is Also compatible with XP 32bit and Vista 32/64bit

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