I'm sure this has been answered to death, but I just cannot find a definitive answer here or on Google, so please bear with me.

I just cannot play BF3 since upgrading to ZA Extreme Security, whether it's in Game Mode or not!

I know I can play, because as soon as I exit from ZA, i'm in and playing, but I'd prefer to leave ZA running.

In previous ZA's I thought I could enter 'port ranges' in Application Control/View Programs/Options/Expert Rules/Add/Modify Protocols/Add Protocol, but it will not and only wants a number and will not accept a dash '-'.

So I'm thinking that either there's something wrong with my ZA, or I've forgotten the correct way of doing it, and the port ranges can only be entered into the firewall area?

My concern then is, even if the game is not running, then these ports stay open, do they not??

So, could someone please tell me the correct and safest way to allow BF3 to run (and other games for that matter), without leaving me naked after the game's over?

Many thanks