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    We have a vbs script on a remote machine being run via ie9, but when zone alarm is on it does not flag an "allow/denial" window and the script errors out.. so any ideas on creating an exception to allow this to run?? Thxs for any help.. :-)

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    If you aim to get hints from other users here you will need to be much more specific and give details of the setup.

    First of all please note that ZA does not allow to be manipulated remotely. Please see here: [WORKAROUND] Zonealarm GUI and Remote Control like VNC


    - which exact version of ZA is used?
    - On which exact version of OS you are running ZA?
    - What exactly is the script doing?
    - What are the settings of ZA within the ZA firewall zones
    - How is ZA application control been setup? Max, auto
    - How is the trusted zone been setup? (medium, high, etc..)
    - How the Internet zone has been setup (high, medium.... etc)
    - Have you inspected the ZA logs (osfirewall, firewall, programs, etc..)?

    More information you post more likely other users here may have an idea of the issue.


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