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Download protection is part of the identity web protection. Since, you do not like it, you can turn it OFF. This does not turn off your ZA firewall or ZA application control. You want the full protection including antiphishing and web protection? Then you need to turn it back ON.

Also, ZAfree firewall does not come with an antivirus (unless you are using the ZAFree antivirus). Threfore, to protect from viruses and malware you need to run an antivirus. If you do not have an antivirus you can download, free of charge, the ZAfree antivirus from http://www.zonealarm.com/security/en...tall-steps.htm (you will need to first remove your current ZAfree version to install ZAfree antivirus)

That's the point, i do want all that, lol i just don't want the ZA download manager. Surely there must be a way of getting all that and just switching off the download manager? Afterall, that was the case in a previous version. Should i attempt to install a slightly older version again? See if that works? I'm slightly against uninstalling and reinstalling as i have done so a number of times in the last few days trying to configure different settings to get rid of this issue.

I'm not entirely sure i understand all the features of a firewall (and again sorry if the following is not the case!), but if web protection is a feature that protects me from getting malicious things from sites that contain them, then i no doubt want that on.

Thanks again for the help!