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Thread: Anti-virus falsely detecting Trojan.Win32.Hosts2.gen

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    Default Anti-virus falsely detecting Trojan.Win32.Hosts2.gen

    What is Blue Coat K9 Web Protection doing with hosts file in C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts to cause Kaspersky (a.k.a. ZoneAlarm anti-virus) to detect Trojan.Win32.Hosts2.gen virus on a regular basis?

    What can I do to stop Zone Alarm Anti-virus falsely detecting this virus?

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    Default Re: Anti-virus falsely detecting Trojan.Win32.Hosts2.gen

    The software probably manipulate your hosts file to block a specific IP or website. Hosts file was not created for that purpose but many security tools are using it this way. Normally this is also a behaviour of malware/virus and thats why kaspersky is warning you.

    To exclude the detection of that specific malware (generic detection) or to exclude the hosts file from on-access and on-demand scans, see here: How to diagnose and/or report antivirus/antispyware false positives

    In short: you have to turn OFF automatic treatment in the advance settings and then proceed with the preferred exclusion.


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