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Thread: A even remarks on the free Antivirus + Firewall version: suite

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    Default A even remarks on the free Antivirus + Firewall version: suite

    Sorry for my what brooked english, i'm can better write/reading in dutch!

    I'm have the following info of your suite:

    ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall version:
    Vsmon version:
    Driver version:
    Antivirus engine version:
    Antivirus signature DAT file version: 1095468192
    Web Identity Protections version: 1.5.388.0

    This have recently automatic scanning & upgrading and see on this processing for the following remarks:

    1) The suite is going first scanning and than after that is going upgrade!
    I'm found that this must first upgrading and than after that going scan, so that's scanning with de newest defenitions in place this of the day older.

    2) What's already scanned by memory-scan, necessary scanned is no longer by other scan as quick-scan, i'm donn't know how the suite is doing this, but on that manner the scanning is go faster.

    I'm can better write this in dutch, hopely you can understand this message and is found this a good idea for the better working!

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    Default Re: A even remarks on the free Antivirus + Firewall version: suite

    Hi and welcome!

    I am not sure I understood the question but I try to answer:

    1) This is a limit of the free version that updates only once per day. In retails version scan normally happens after the update.

    2) This is achieved by cpChecker and cpSwift (AV advance settings). Files scanned are only rescanned under specific conditions. This is speeding up the scanning on successive scans.

    Btw, you should update to the latest ZAfree version


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