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Thread: URGENT: Possible Infection - MMS@Vodafone

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    Default URGENT: Possible Infection - MMS@Vodafone

    Hi Guys
    I run ZAISS on an XP Laptop.

    I recieved a mail from above, which enclosed a zip file. On this occasion it could have been legit but I was suspicious and saved the zip to it's own folder I named "possible Virus" and ran ZAISS, but it didn't detect any issues.

    I opened the zip and extracted the file called UK-Vodafone_MMS.jpeg.exe to the same separate folder (but didn't launch it) and ran another scan with a negative result. I still felt suspicious and did some Googling and it appears this is a virus, which goes live at boot-up!!!

    Fine. As I didn't launch the exe I thought I could delete the folder but I cannot. I get an error message saying it is being used by another person or programme.

    How on Earth can I delete this folder before closing down if ZAISS cannot see it is a virus and won't do anything?

    [/B]Graham[/B] :)

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    Default Re: URGENT: Possible Infection - MMS@Vodafone


    Please follow all the steps as detailed here:

    1.) Sticky: <= click here

    2.) Sticky: <= click here
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