ZA v. – Windows 7 and/ or VISTA

I will be connecting my laptop to a satellite and need to transmit as little data as possible.

I will only access and update a website on GoDaddy via Internet Explorer 9 or Firefox

I have to block everything else!

I read but it is old, dated 2004

It states:
- Go to Application Control and ensure it is set to MAX – DONE

- Go to SmartDefense and ensure it is set to MANUAL – Is this DefenseNet under the Firewall tab? I do NOT want the ZA server to be queried for that program’s policy

- Go to Program control and ensure that "Enable Microsoft Catalog Utilization" is Unchecked – DONE

- Reboot the PC

- Go to Program List and remove the entry(ies) in question.

In my case are there any programs that I should not block?
- Client Sever Runtime Process
- COM Surrogate
- Internet Explorer / Firefox

What is the difference between removing a program and setting SmartDefense to Custom and Trust Level to ASK?

Is there anything else I should do/know to limit data transmission to an absolute minimum?