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Thread: Why does ZAES corrupt downloading Firefox 16.02?

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    hanging Guest

    Question Why does ZAES corrupt downloading Firefox 16.02?

    The past several times I have upgraded Firefox browser, there is a Box from Zone Alarm reflecting "This is unstable"..... Then there is another box shortly after that which states "ZA must close now".

    I finally managed to DL and install the current version which is 16.0.2 and thus far, no problems, however had to close the ZAES program prior to accomplishing this.

    I have found that the only way I can upgrade Firefox to the latest version is to turn the ZAES off (paid Version OS is XP. I have had a difficult time with the two versions which I finally downloaded and installed, and they caused problems.

    Is there any reason for these boxes popping up and preventing a clean download? Anyone else having this problem? Thanks for any advice you may have to offer.

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    Sky Soldiers Guest

    Default Re: Why does ZAES corrupt downloading Firefox?

    Forcefield Toolbar (1.5.396.0) is only compatible with Firefox 15.0.1 at this time.

    You need to wait for Development to release new built compatible with Firefox 16.0.2 it will be posted on the forum when it's ready.

    Uninstall ZAES first from Add/Remove in XP.Then run Clean.exe :

    Try installing version 15.0.1 this way :

    A corrupt profile can cause various problems with Firefox.You could create a new profile using Profile Manager.I prefer to reinstall Firefox.

    Backup your Bookmarks(.json) to a folder of your choice.You will need it to restore it later.Uninstall Firefox and do not save your settings when asked.After uninstalling Firefox run CCleaner.

    CCleaner link :

    Install Firefox.When installing Firefox select do nothing when ask to import from IE.Restore .json backup file you saved to restore your Bookmarks.Configure all your Firefox settings.Install Add-ons and Plugins.

    Now you can install new version of ZAES :

    When first installing ZoneAlarm Extreme Security in Firefox 10 and above .The requested add-on ( ForceField Toolbar ) will ask you to confirm that you want to install it.

    Tick to enable and Click " Allow this installion ".Click Continue and then Click Restart Firefox.After Restart of Firefox make sure Site Check is Enable ( Green ).

    Close Firefox and then Turn ON Browser Virtualization.It's Off by default at install.

    Footnote : You need to configure Firefox to never check for updates.It will corrupt Firefox with Forcefield Toolbar not compatible with newer release versions of Firefox.

    Also configure not to auto update Add-ons.If you need to update Add-ons turn Browser Virtualization OFF before updating Add-ons.Then turn back ON after updating Add-ons

    Hope this helps.

    Firefox 15.0.1
    Win 7/64
    ZoneAlarm Extreme Security version:

    Have a nice Day
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    hanging Guest

    Smile Re: Why does ZAES corrupt downloading Firefox?

    Hi, Sky soldiers!

    Thank you for the very, very detailed "solution" to my problem. I do not know "if or when I may be able to do this, however it appears that it is a very lengthy process, and my lack of expertise hampers me greatly. Advanced age is also a drawback as well, however at some point in time I will attempt to pursue all of the recommendations and directions you have provided.

    I turned off the "automatic update" long ago on the Firefox browser, however I will now do that with the extensions as well so that I do not have any problems with those.

    In the future, I will definitely visit the "Forum" to determine if it is "safe" to download the latest version of Firefox. It appears that somewhere there is a lack of coordination between Firefox and Zone Alarm, and I definitely need the ForceField, so therefore I will rely on this Forum in the future for guidance in this matter.

    Thank you very, very much for taking the time to delineate all of the necessary steps to attempt to return to an earlier version of Firefox.

    Best regards,

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    Sky Soldiers Guest

    Default Re: Why does ZAES corrupt downloading Firefox?

    More than happy to provide assistance if the need ever arises.

    Have a nice Day

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