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Thread: Java 7 and ZASS

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    Default Java 7 and ZASS


    I tested JAVA 7 update 09 compatibility with ZASS on two machines (running a program from a web site that requires Java to work):

    - on a WinXP SP3, it seems to work fine ...I can work normally (I checked with Process Explorer from SysInternal that it is really the version 7 that has been loaded and is working)

    - on a Win7, I still get the same problem as previously described (Java starts loading but loading never ends). I uninstalled Java 7, restarted my browser, and it worked fine (using version 6 update 35). I updated to version 6 update 37 and it works fine also.

    So, the incompatibility seems now to narrow it-self between ZASS - Java 7 and Win 7.
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    Thank you for taking the time to report back about how you solved your Java issue.
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