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Thread: Components not appearing in list

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    I am having a strange issue. Recently I repeatedly get a pop-up telling me that Internet Explorer and components are trying to act as a server. I respond by making sure the 'save this choice' box is checked and clicking "Deny". However this does not prevent the window from popping up again - over and over and over. I checked and made sure that Internet Explorer had 'No' (Red X) for Inbound Internet but this did not change anything. I figured it must be a component that is doing this and though I have Component Control enabled when I try to look at the components I see a long list of blank lines. I waited for it to populate in case there was lag or something but no - no item names nor descriptions are appearing in the list. I tried reinstalling ZA EE v102_078 but after installing it is the same.

    Please help.

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    What kind of version is ZA EE? Btw, latest version if You can download it from here:

    What you describe is normally linked to a corruption of the ZA databases (where settings are stored) a reset of ZA (tools --> preferences) should resolve it. This can also be due to application/components updating often. If you have those type of software you will have to digest a lot of noise from ZA. Better to work without authentication of components to avoid this noise. The incremental protection achieved is not proportional to the hassle of the pop-ups.

    Please note that with a valid license you can contact, free of charge, the official ZA technical support at the link in my signature (look for the live chat icon at the main ZA support site. All users here.


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