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Thread: Info about ZAfree needed..

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    Default Info about ZAfree needed..

    Will this new version automatically being updated in ZA free + AV or is it necessary to manually install it with the web installer.

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    What version of ZA are you using? ZAfree or ZAfree+AV? One day, when automatic update will be turned ON for this version you will receive it. If you have ZAfree you will receive ZAFree, if you have ZAfree+AV you will receive ZAfree+AV.

    If you want to get it earlier then you can manually download the web installer and installing on top of your version. Be careful to install the right version.

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    There will be no automatic update to version turned on for Paid or Free versions.

    You can update manually.

    Currently there are no full installers. Your only option is to use the web installers to update.

    Full installers will be available in 1-2 weeks.

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