Hi All

I have just upgraded a dual boot PC (two partitions) from Win 7 Home Extreme 32bit and Win 7 Pro 64bit to the respective 32bit & 64bit versions of Win 8 Pro. In both cases I opted to carry

over the Win 7 settings to the new Win 8 installations.

Both partitions have ZA Extreme installed, picking up my license details and settings from ZA Extreme In both instances, I had to uninstall ZA Extreme to

allow the Win 8 installation to proceed. There was a slight difference in the procedure. I did the 32bit installation first and hence learned of the incompatible ZA issue during the installation process.

To be certain, I did a full uninstall of ZA but it became obvious that my license details were picked up by Win8 from the Win7 registry. Whereas I don't think I did a full uninstall of ZA before

installing Win 8 64bit.

In both instances I disconnected the computer from the internet beforehand, preferring to get Win 8 updates afterwards.

The 32bit installation works just fine in regard to connecting to the internet. Internet Explorer works, Windows Update works and so.

The 64bit installation has a problem that appears to be a bad interaction between ZA and Internet Explorer (and also Firefox 16). Neither browser will work when ZA is active but both will work

when ZA is stopped and Windows Firewall and Windows Defender are active. Windows Update works as expected when either firewall option is active.

I have compared the ZA settings between the 32bit and 64bit environments to ensure they are the same. The 64bit installation was different initially; it had two identical settings for the wireless router

in the 'View Zones' panel of 'Firewall Settings'. I removed one and made the other identical to the 32bit installation (private to public zone) but that did not fix the problem. I am probably missing

something but the settings for both the 64bit and 32bit environments appear (to me) to be the same.

Any advice on how to fix this problem will be appreciated.

Many thanks