I updated from to the ZA Extreme Security but the problem is unresolved.

I'm finding that after ZA has been running for a day or a few, I lose internet connectivity for most apps (browsers, Outlook and others) and some apps that need connectivity hang (like PingPlotter, ping, and others).

If I close ZA I get the connectivity back and the hung apps resume, but when I restart ZA the connectivity is lost. "Snooze firewall" does not make a difference. The only app I have noticed that does not lose internet connectivity is TweetDeck.

I have done some more analysis and after noting the PID for vsmon.exe, I find that vsmon restarts at the same time as the connectivity is lost, however I also see that sometimes vsmon restarts without losing connectivity. zatray.exe does not restart.

Anyone seen this before or know of a fix please?

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