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Thread: Free AV + FW German version - Bug in Exception Settings

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    killer432 Guest

    Cool Free AV + FW German version - Bug in Exception Settings

    Antivirus-Signatur-DAT-Dateiversion: 1099004544
    Webidentitätsschutz-Version: 1.5.393.18

    I use the German version. When I try to configure exceptions in AV settings and select "Sicherer Prozess" (safe process), NOT On-Access, programs are always set to On-Access exceptions as you can see on the 2nd screenshot.

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    Default Re: Free AV + FW - Bug in Exception Settings

    Sorry, the picture seems broken but yes, I see the same. Probably just a GUI problem? Or is it intended? Sorry, I don't know, all users here.

    Unfortunately ZAfree offers no official support. If you like, you can try the beta ( and report it using the beta feedback form. The feedback will reach directly ZA development team.


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    Default Re: Free AV + FW German version - Bug in Exception Settings

    We have reported the issue to development.

    They will test and determine if its a bug or not.

    If it is a bug and can be fixed then possibly in a later release of the software it will be fixed.

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