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Thread: [Solved] No Internet Connection by virus caused by Fake Adobe settings.sol program

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    Smile [Solved] No Internet Connection by virus caused by Fake Adobe settings.sol program


    I have Windows Vista Home Premium and run ZA Extreme Antivirus and Firewall. Man, it's great. I love it.

    This not a ZA problem, it was mine.

    For the second time this year I got virused and had no internet connection, only blank pages. The first time it took me about a month to get it fixed and all re-updated by reloading my Vista. This time I did much better, it only took three hours.

    This had to do with a fake Adobe settings.sol program. The settings.sol is required to watch videos on most web sites. A site I was at said I needed to update to a newer version and so I did, without scanning before installing. That was all it took, I was off line.

    I did an advanced pc search for the day and time involved and found that hidden and non-hidden Pbk's had been changed. I was surprised that no TCPIP's were involved. I opened all the Pbk's with WordPad and deleted everything in them and then shredded them with my CCleaner. Next I did a system restore from a previous date and all was and is well. I now scan and create restore points more frequently.

    Hope this may be useful to someone,


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    Default Re: [Solved] No Internet Connection by virus caused by Fake Adobe settings.sol progra

    To avoid future infection please consider this thread:

    xyz was not detected. What I should do?


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