Recently upgraded (???) to windows 8. When I install ZA free the first time a dialog box popped up in the lower right of my screen with a heavy blue "ZoneAlarm" banner at the top and below that a message that said "Suspicious Behavior". Clicking on it several times did nothing so I uninstalled ZA and tried again (about 4 times) same thing each time. I uninstalled and got back to work and let things go for about a week. This morning I tried again to install ZA and now I can only see the top banner (Cannot see the "Suspicious Behavior" message) but I think it is the same banner only partially activated. I have a snip of the screen but I don't see any way on the formum to include it. When I start up the PC desk top looks fine until I click on any icon then this banner pops up. I normally keep my task bar hidden and when I activate it it will cover this dialog. But, this dialog is on top of running programs (I can see it now)
Any help would be greatly appreciated