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Thread: Can't opene Zone Alarn - ordinal 1109

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    Default Can't opene Zone Alarn - ordinal 1109

    I can't open Zone Alarm - I get the message Oedinal 1109 cannot be located wisock32.dll

    Tried to locate problem with malware and security scan but can't find it - used Miscrosofts Fix for widsock but no luck.

    Computer works ok but cannot get any firewall protection

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    Default Re: Can't opene Zone Alarn - ordinal 1109

    There are many references on the internet on that error. I would suggest try what indicated in the many threads. E.g.

    Also follow all the steps of the ZA malware cleaning guide you find in the ZA malware section.

    If everything else fails then I guess the only way is to reinstall the OS.

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