hi, Win7-64 desktop, Avira, ZA10.2.078.000, the PC is used as a gate for local LAN (not homegroup but workgroup, because there are some XPs there), two ethernet cards.
1. I cannot install/uninstall any soft under ZA. After starting installing process it is stopped by ZA, then I define new program super or trust level for ZA and allow out traffic. Alas, it doesn't work, so I'm forced to exit ZA to finish installing. After completing installing I switch ZA on again. I hate it!
2. ZA doesn't understand trust level for some programs - I defined Winamp agent as trusted with out traffic alllowed, but every time ZA paints pop-up wall and report in log Winamp agent blocked. Nevertheless, I can use Winamp except the false alarm and false report.
I worked with ZA4...8 till XP and they all were perfect firewalls. But now I don't see the learning mode, ZA10 seems to be absolutely ruleless and uncontrollled.
I tried ZA11, win7 firewall, then Comodo, but all of them seem not to be better for the gate-PC. So, I get back to ZA10.
May you help me to get ZA controlled? Thanks