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Thread: installing new soft problem under ZAFF10.2

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    Default installing new soft problem under ZAFF10.2

    hi, Win7-64 desktop, Avira, ZA10.2.078.000, the PC is used as a gate for local LAN (not homegroup but workgroup, because there are some XPs there), two ethernet cards.
    1. I cannot install/uninstall any soft under ZA. After starting installing process it is stopped by ZA, then I define new program super or trust level for ZA and allow out traffic. Alas, it doesn't work, so I'm forced to exit ZA to finish installing. After completing installing I switch ZA on again. I hate it!
    2. ZA doesn't understand trust level for some programs - I defined Winamp agent as trusted with out traffic alllowed, but every time ZA paints pop-up wall and report in log Winamp agent blocked. Nevertheless, I can use Winamp except the false alarm and false report.
    I worked with ZA4...8 till XP and they all were perfect firewalls. But now I don't see the learning mode, ZA10 seems to be absolutely ruleless and uncontrollled.
    I tried ZA11, win7 firewall, then Comodo, but all of them seem not to be better for the gate-PC. So, I get back to ZA10.
    May you help me to get ZA controlled? Thanks

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    Default Re: installing new soft problem under ZAFF10.2


    sounds by design. Those software needs "super trusted" to work and install correctly as they probably access some system/local/net areas that under "trusted" will not be allowed. If you set them as Super Trusted do they work as intended?

    If you mean instead that ZA does not block based on rules then see here:
    [SOLVED] Zone alarm ignores deny list

    Sorry, no further suggestions from my side.

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