So sorry, very new to forums. If faux pas, please redirect. Pretty much computer illiterate... I have Zone Alarm Extreme Security running on Windows xp w/ IE 8. Recently, I have tried many times, w/ the website admin to connect to their particular site. I am constantly denied access. Says I need to sign it w/ password. When try, get a 403 code. It has been suggested that there may be some type of firewall setting that is interfering w/ the access request. I am able to access this site on my work computer. I am not running the Windows firewall. I've looked @ some other non Zone Alarm forum suggestions and do not want to disable Zone Alarm as they have instructed and try & follow their suggestions that I do not understand. Some diagnostic I ran shows the HTTP & HTTPS connecting. Shows FTP (active & passive) denied access w/ 12015. I have no idea what this there any of it that relates to Zone Alarm settings? Any help is appreciated. Never encountered this kind of problem before. Thank-you.