Have an issue ZA Free Firewall ver. all-of-a-sudden is now selectively blocking Firefox 16.0.2, despite settings indicating it shouldn't. (This is not similar to the other FF and ZA problem http://www.zonealarm.com/forums/show...hlight=firefox , as I always disable the ZA firefox plugin anyway)

The problem is ZA is selectively blocking FF access to internet (IE works fine, can ping, etc) despite the ZA settings saying not to:

It used to work fine, but when this happened, I went and manually changed the firefox permissions to full, and still have the problem. I've tried both re-enabling and disabling the ZA plugin and still have the problem. An excerpt of the log confirms the block:

[CODE]ZoneAlarm Logging Client v11.0.000.020
Windows 7 x64-6.1.7601-Service Pack 1-SMP
type,date,time,source,destination,transport (Security)
type,date,time,virus name,file name,mode,e-mail id (Anti-Virus)
type,date,time,source,destination,action,service (IM Security)
type,date,time,source,destination,program,action (Malicious Code Protection)
type,date,time,action,product,file,event,subevent, class,data,data,... (OSFirewall)
type,date,time,name,type,mode (Anti-Spyware)
ACCESS,2012/12/17,19:05:58 -8:00 GMT,Firefox was blocked from connecting to the local zone ( 49372).,N/A,N/A
ACCESS,2012/12/17,19:10:42 -8:00 GMT,Firefox was blocked from connecting to the Internet (,N/A,N/A
ACCESS,2012/12/17,19:11:12 -8:00 GMT,Firefox was blocked from connecting to the Internet (,N/A,N/A

In addition, I've tried: deleting the FF entry in ZA program access control list, rebooting, and ultimately re-installing ZA. Reinstalling worked briefly, but then the problem recurred. Any ideas what's going on?