I got a acces issues which is probably caused by zonealarm. I installed veency on my ipod and vnc viewer on my computer. This program grants you acces to your ipod screen from your desktop, giving you the opportunity to control your ipod with your mice. But when I try to connect using vnc viewer it gives error 10060. I googled for a solution and found many people telling it was probably caused by zonealarm or another firewall ( windows firewall is off). This problem could be fixed (according to many other forums) by opening port 5900, or using a proxyserver, as far as I know I tried all of this but it didn't work. So i would like to know if there is anyone who knows a solution for me to use vnc viewer without any problems. I'm using zonealarm free firewall version : I would like to hear from anyone soon!

Jasper Konsten