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Thread: How to block file from loading on my computer

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    Exclamation How to block file from loading on my computer

    While using ZoneAlarm and browsing questionable sites, I somehow get a virus installed on my hard drive. ZoneAlarm WILL alert me when the program tries to start, but once it's on my hard drive, it becomes extremely dangerous and frequently causes problems. Such as, not allowing a SAFE MODE boot.

    Question is...why doesn’t ZoneAlarm warn me and prevent the virus file from loading onto my hard drive?

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    Zonealarm firewall is not an antivirus. You should complement your ZA with a proper antivirus to detect the file before it is installed. If you are using a ZA with antivirus (whenever posting you should specify which ZA are using and exact version number as it is not clear which version you are using) then consider that ZA (and any other antivirus) cannot detect 100% of threats out there. Several hundred thousand new malware is created every day. The first rule is to avoid questionable sites and keep your system fully up to date.

    To clean your system from malware please follow all the steps detailed here:
    Malware Clean-up Guidance
    If one steps cannot be performed please skip to the next.

    To avoid future infections please see here:
    xyz was not detected. What I should do?

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