Hi Guys,
I'm trying to work out what is messing with my new dl of iTunes Version 11.01.12.

I am running the latest version of ZA Internet Security and XP (SP3).

Ever since I tried to start the iTunes App it opens up yet when I try to fully connect (after it accepts my Login) it shows and error message and asks to close down. The old App worked perfectly.

When I go to the Apple Support page for Windows & iTunes they want to blame 'Firewalls' http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1379
They even say....
The following iTunes Store Internet addresses should be added as trusted domains to any filtering software that may be running:
  • itunes.apple.com
  • ax.itunes.apple.com
  • albert.apple.com
  • gs.apple.com

Is my ZoneAlarm stopping me from fully accessing the iTunes Store?
Is there a setting I should change or somehow allow the above addresses access through ZoneAlarm?

Any help or solutions would be great as I'm currently really frustrated looking for a solution.

Thanks is Advance