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Thread: How to stop ZoneAlarm Installing Toolbar.

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    Default How to stop ZoneAlarm Installing Toolbar.

    I just downloaded ZoneAlarm

    I told it to SKIP ALL OFFERS as I dod not want any Adware or Spamware installed, including toolbars, search or other such nonsense.

    I then chose customer and changed the directory, clicked proceed and the damn thing said it was installing toolbars (AKA adware)

    I immediately terminated the install process but I had to use Task Manager because there was no cancel button.

    Can Zonealerm be installed without this rubbish or should I find another product?

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    Default Re: How to stop ZoneAlarm Installing Toolbar

    The toolbar installs itself, but doesn't change your start page or search engine, if you skip all offers. It's easily removable too.

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    Default Re: How to stop ZoneAlarm Installing Toolbar.

    If you click on the "Skip All Offers" Bottom Left, then your all set for bare bones install of Firewall, if you don't see this option, then your SOL and get the additional protection offered by the Toolbar, or try some other Free Firewall..

    Note: You can Also Uninstall the Toolbar with Windows Uninstall/Remove a program option.

    This Thread is Closed, since the solution to this issue has been resolved by the Screenshot above..
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