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Thread: ZoneAlarm Free +AV detects viruses but didn't quarantine

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    Default ZoneAlarm Free +AV detects viruses but didn't quarantine

    I noticed when I opened ZoneAlarm(Free Antivirus+Firewall) my scan results said there were 4 viruses detected.
    But I don't think anything was done about them, as it says there were 0 files quarantined.
    What should I do?

    Scan Results:
    678567 files scanned
    4 virus(es) found
    0 files quarantined

    This computer uses Windows 7. I don't really know what version of ZA I have.

    EDIT: I just completed a full system scan, in which it said there were no infections detected. Does ZoneAlarm tell you how many viruses have been found even after it's removed them? I've included a screenshot and circled my confusion..

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    Default Re: ZoneAlarm Free +AV detects viruses but didn't quarantine

    Hi download malwarebytes i follow this steps:

    1 Before finish the instalation disable the malwarebytes pro option
    2 Do a complete scan(alternatively select the four suspicious files)
    3 If mbam detect some mark it detected and reboot(if was necessary)
    4 Paste the logs(mainly the suspicious files)

    too can upload to virustotal & watch that is.

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