Hi, I recently installed Zonealarm firewall+AV on Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit Eng.

All was well, until suddenly my CPU time was occupied by vsmon.exe (revealed by Anvir Task Manager.. I don't think I could find that in task manager).

Then I discovered my firewall rules had also all disappeared.

So I tried uninstalling, reinstalling.. (but forgot to specify the reinstall path as it's not prompted for and rather obscure on the GUI).

All seemed well until I came to restart. Then I got a general BSOD talking about new hardware, video adapter, newly installed software.. it only flashed up for a moment after the Windows logo.

Eventually I uninstalled Zonealarm in Safe Mode.

No minidump was created, so I just had to play guessing games as to the potential cause.

So I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling at the original location.. just the same. So now Zonealarm is useless to me.

Is there a cleanup tool - e.g. to remove all leftover registry entries etc? Or any other ideas?