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    Zone Alarm Security Suite: How does Product update work? The update always says that my product is up to date but I find on the site that there are later versions which I have to download and install. Virus updates are 3 to 5MB per day. I would notice if there were larger updates. I keep an eagle eye on the amount being downloaded when I am using a wireless connection. I have to do this because there has been such a proliferation of smart phone and ipad users. When I do do a version update I need up to 300MB of download which I do on a cable machine and then transfer the file to another site where wireless has to be used. I have been using Zonealarm for a very long time and certainly since virus checking was added. I have never had a virus except for a false positive quarantine. My current version from the help file is


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    Quote Originally Posted by rdn View Post
    How does Product update work?My current version from the help file is
    You might want to read the following :

    "When will the Next Zone Alarm be made Available?"

    Have a nice Day
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