Hey all ...

This LAN file server PC has a Cyrix MII (6x86MX) CPU (runs at 233MHz, 300MHz Intel equivalency) on an Intel 82439TX (430TX System Controller)-based Hsing Tech Enterprise mainboard with 256MB of SDRAM that is running XP Pro SP2.

(FYI - the machine is only exposed to the internet sporadically, to obtain various s/w updates, so, the latest, greatest ZA Free firewall is not absolutely necessary)

The machine had ZA Free on it and I tried to upgrade to ZA Free

Now I'm getting Error Code 127 (236f47a), ... vsmon.exe --> VSDATA.dll not found and Error Code 127 (236f85a), (236f792), (236f856) errors ... due to the age and limitations of the PC ... I think. I've tried resuming the installation after various restarts ... I don't think it's going to happen.

Is there a way to get this version to install on this particular machine, or, should I clean(.exe) things up and try installing an older version of ZA Free?

If the latter, is there a systematic method of determining the highest ZA Free version that this machine is capable of supporting (based on machine architecture / capabilities)?

I have almost every previous version of ZA Free archived locally, so, I don't need to worry about obtaining the appropriate installer, I likely already have it.

Thanks, FFF