Here's the setup:

A small office with three separate businesses sharing one cable isp connection.

I believe the tech that set up the router made it dhcp, because I've had to reconfigure the 2 PCs' (one W98se, on XP home sp2) IP addresses several times, finally putting a range in ZA's trusted zone so when they're reassigned they can still share files and printer.

Just yesterday, the owner of the second business got a new PC and noodling around, clicked on My Network Places and could see our shared files. This has to be fixed quickly for privacy reasons.

So far I've come up with several action plans: (in order of expense)
1. Upgrade to XP pro on the two systems for the added security.
2. Upgrade our business from a hub to a router (subnetting our office).
3. Finding a software solution with existing OSs in place or via ZA.

I will try to contact the tech to see if setting fixed ip addresses would be a big hairy deal - then I could set ZA to exclude the others. But I was wondering if I could designate our two systems so that ZA could discriminate them from the rest (like naming our systems "exotic-secret-name1" and "exotic-secret-name2" and having them only in our trusted zone).

Is that possible with ZA free?


Operating System:Windows 98-SE (Second Edition)
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
Software Version:6.1