In the past I have used the Zone Alarm Free firewall and passed the Gibson Research (GRC) 'Leak Test' every time I tested.

I have switched to the newer Zone Alarm Free Firewall + Antivirus and the Leak Test fails. When I Run the test, I never get the option to ‘allow’ or ‘deny’ the test, it just says ‘Firewall penetrated’ immediately.

This happens on both my Windows 7 and Windows XP Pro computers.
If I uninstall the Firewall + antivirus, then install a separate antivirus and run just the stand alone version of the free ZA Firewall, I pass the Leak Test.

Is there a known problem between the ZA Free Firewall + antivirus and the Leak Test?

I have contacted Gibson Research and they say there's no problem with their Leak Test

Any help would be greatly appreciated…..