Zone Alarm Free v.11 constantly popups alerts on my screen stating that "Packet from {an internet IP address} (TPC Port xxxx) to (TCP Port xxxx) was blocked." Although I appreciate ZA is doing its job, this raises 2 concerns:

1. How come a computer with an eastern europe IP address is able to see my computer and attempt to send me a packet? I thought ZA make my computer invisible in stealth mode. Shield's Up confirms that all my ports are stealth, and ZA states that everything is working properly and that I am protected. What give?

2. Is there a way to silently block these intruding packets? Is there a setting in the options menu to prevent these continuous alert pop-ups? I do want ZA to keep blocking these intruding packets, but it is very disrupting when 20 to 40 alerts pop up every few minutes. I can't type anything or watch a movie without these interruptions when the alerts start up.

Thank you for any help or suggestion.