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Thread: network discovery and sharing

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    Default network discovery and sharing

    1)za change the setting in the network discovery and sharing center every time I reboot.

    I have to check and mark again to not share and not discover

    2)za does not start when I reboot

    to make sure I uninstall and reinstall za and the problem is here

    please help


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    Default Re: network discovery and sharing


    You seem to have all sort of problems with ZA. May be its not a good solution for your configuration. Also you need to be far more specific in describing the problem. Exactly where you see these settings? Which OS? Which ZA settings? Screenshot? More

    ZA overrides system settings. So you need to work with ZA zones and from there set what you trust and what you not. If you have no trusted zone in ZA then there will be no sharing regardless what the OS is saying.

    Again more detail you post more likely other users here may guess what your problem is.

    As a matter of courtesy to volunteers here you should also try to respond and follow-up on answers you have received.


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