Hi ZA,

I installed Windows 8 (64 bit version with Media Centre) a couple of weeks ago, and upon installation is would boot to the Metro screen as it is designed to do.

Soon afterwards it started booting to the Metro screen for around 5 seconds, and then switching to the Desktop.

Details of the ZA Free Firewall are -
ZA Free Firewall Version =
Vsmon Version =
Driver Version =
Web Identity Protections version = 1.5.393.18

By selectively disabling items in the Windows 8 Task Manager / Startup, I have found that it is the "Zone Alarm Browser Security" that is causing the problem. When it is disabled W8 always stays in Metro on bootup, but when it is enabled W8 always finished bootup at the Desktop. It is 100% repeatable.

Just wondering if anyone else has reported this peculiarity.

Details of the PC are -

Motherboard = MSI model H67MA-E35 (using onboard graphics)
Processor = Intel i7-2600CPU running at 3.4Ghz
Bios = V13.1 dated 21/09/2012