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Thread: Iminent malware

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    Default Iminent malware

    A friend recently and unwittingly downloaded and installed the iminent toolbar, etc. It has taken over his whole machine. We are in the process of removing it.

    He runs a recent version of the free Zonealarm firewall. It didn't detect iminent at all at the time he opened the installer.

    I am running ZA Extreme Would that have caught it?

    Can Zonealarm not detect malware installers piggybacking on other installers or is iminent different in some way? It doesn't appear in the few malware databases I have checked.

    Anyone have any insight? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Iminent malware

    Follow all steps suggested here:
    Malware Clean-up Guidance

    Then Read this link

    Sticky: xyz was not detected. What I should do?

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    Default Re: Iminent malware

    We are doing, and will do, that. Thanks.

    Anyone know anything more about iminent as it relates to ZoneAlarm?

    Also, in xyz was not detected. What I should do? it is suggested that "if you encounter new non recognized viruses please send it". Just what is it? We know we have something but what exactly are we to zip up and send in? Sorry, it's not clear to me. Perhaps it will become clearer to us as we go through the cleanup process.


    [Aside: For some reason, my clicking on any of the links in this thread, takes me back to the forum's top page, in FF15 and IE8. This worked fine just a few days ago. And in fact most other links in the forum work just fine.]
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    Default Re: Iminent malware


    iminent is not malware nor spyware just adware/toolbar. It should be enough to go to add/remove programs and remove it.
    If you think it should be detected then you should write directly to Kaspersky (not here) and ask them to add it (if it is at all applicable).

    Ensure that in ZA all riskware categories are ticked (antivirus advance settings). One category is off by default.

    Please read all message, its clearly described how to send new viruses:

    Finally, if you encounter new non recognized viruses please send it in a password protected zip to newvirus at kaspersky dot com. Subject: virus. Include password in the e-mail. For faster response sign-up to kaspersky viruslab support at: and submit the file under the "Send request to Kaspersky Virus Lab" tab.
    If you have difficulties to understand the message above please ask someone near you to help or post your logs at and get help from volunteers there.

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    Default Re: Iminent malware

    Thanks for the info fax and GeorgeV. Nice to see you both still so active and helpful here. Regards.


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