For years we have received various email ads/promotions/coupons, etc. from Barnes and Noble—which we want—we have an established account with them that we use regularly. For some unknown reason, they have stopped. We now get nothing from them, though we still get all other emails from known companies, i.e, Amazon, Best Buy, just to name a couple. All efforts to check with B&N customer service, our ISP provider, examine settings on our email program (Outlook), and ask a friend who is a “computer guru” check everything that he could think of, still result in the same problem--we cannot seem to get anything from B&N reinstated. Starting new accounts with Gmail and Yahoo still result in getting no info from B&N. Even though we haven’t changed anything with ZoneAlarm (this problem occurred before renewing our subscription with ZA), it seems that maybe a setting there that could be the issue.

What could/should I do to examine/change settings, etc. with our computer, ZA, and/or Outlook to enable us to be able to reestablish email connections with B&N. Thanks.