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Thread: Zonealarm Extreme - how do you know if it is 2013 version?

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    Default Zonealarm Extreme - how do you know if it is 2013 version?

    I am looking at buying Zonealarm Extreme but see the box for 2012 appears to be the same as the latest 2013 - is there any way of identifying which download you are going to get? Buying direct from the Zonealarm website is not the most cost effective route - there are good offers out there. If I buy a new licence, will this automatically upgrade to the latest version whatever the year of software release? Thanks

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    Default Re: Zonealarm Extreme - how do you know if it is 2013 version?

    For this sort of question the safest route is to contact customer support directly at checkpoint. There is a live chat service. Click on my signature, you will be directed to the main support forum there you will find the icon for live support.

    Normally you should be able to use the license in the box with the new 2013 uninstaller (assuming the license is valid and legit). As a matter of principle, with a valid license you can always update to latest ZA releases (for that version = Extreme).


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