Hello, I'm running Windows 8 64b with the latest ZA version, extreme flavour. I'm experiencing random data corruptions when communicating over the Internet: mail attachments, file downloads, html pages. Stopping ZA stops the corruptions. Yes, I have contacted technical support. They told me after resintalling a clean version to disable all non-m$ services and check one by one when corruption occurs again . This is very lenghty to do as corruption does not always appear at the same place once ZA has been restarted. Did somebody from the honourable assistance encounter the same problem ? Version ZoneAlarm Extreme Security:
Version Vsmon:
Version du pilote:
Version du moteur antivirus:
Version du fichier DAT de signature de l'antivirus: 1111195648
Version AntiSpam:
ZoneAlarm Sécurité du navigateur: 1.5.393.22