Hi all

I had a power surge during upgrade from ZA Firewall 2012 to 2013. Means ZA was never correctly installed.

It now doesn't run even though it is sitting on the HDD. I can not uninstall it or install it completly. The half installed program loads the user interface but options such as load new version don't work. Grateful any assistance to uninstall (with view to re-install a fresh copy).

The details:
When trying to install the latest version from the internet it stops at 20% done. System is still running fine and doesn't lock up, just stops.

When uninstalling (either via Clean.exe or via Windows Remove Programs) it appears to uninstall fine but on reboot Windows hangs just after i enter my password. (Not blue screen of death but a black screen. I can load Task Manager but there is nothing for me to shut down or tab across to.) Thereafter I have to reset my PC, load Safe Mode and load a previous Restore Point.

I've gone through this loop around 10x now. Going nuts. The ZA online chat team suggested a few basic things - such as uninstalling in SafeMode, loading with nil user programs via MSConfig, disabling other firewall and virus checker software (which I dont have) - but never worked. Then they actually suggested I post here...!!!

IMO the only option left is a full manual uninstall. Deleting all files and modifying Regedit. Grateful advice to go down this path as I don't really know how.