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Thread: Port 443, how to open in ZA Free + AV on Vista OS < Only available on Paid ZA

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    Default Port 443, how to open in ZA Free + AV on Vista OS < Only available on Paid ZA

    I am attempting to set up a WiFi Thermostat (gift from daughter, she does not want me to have to get up to change it!!!). Everything I find refers to Windows firewall. Does anyone know how to forward/open port 443 with Zone Alarm????

    I have been going bonkers for a week trying to get it set up!

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    Default Re: Port 443, how to open in ZA Free + AV on Vista OS

    Open the GUI.Under Appilcation Control > Settings > View Programs

    Find the program you want to allow access.Here give the program full access to all.Trusted Level Super is three green bars and all green checks across the board

    If after you have given full access to the program, and is not working for you.

    Most likely you need to Create Expert Rules for it to specify the specific incoming ports you would like to allow on a per program basis.By default the Firewall blocks all incoming traffic to your computer.

    Note: Creating Expert Rules " ONLY " on ZoneAlarm paid products are you able to do this.

    Good Luck
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