I installed Win8 and ZA 110_000_054
and now I see something pops up in the right corner of the screen with ZoneAlarm caption on it, but the rest of the alert is below the screen,
so I cannot answer to it. In the older versions it was possible to answer by keyboard (press 'A' or 'D'), but this does not appear to work either.
So, I am stuck. Windows is blocked waiting for ZA alert dismissal, but I cannot dismiss it. So, I cannot use Windows at all.
Please, fix it.

PS: there were posts few months ago about this problem and there was a suggestion to reduce Windows text size, but this is not a solution because I will not be able to see anything with the extra small font.
However, all Windows apps must show themselves correctly with any font size,
so Zone Alarm simply has a bug, which must be fixed. Otherwise Windows is unusable!