Hello. After the most recent update, i now have issues with my toshiba power saver utility on my laptop.

Ever since the first reboot after the recent zone alarm update, I now receive the following error at windows xp startup

"Toshiba Power Saver: A fatal error has occured. this program will be terminated. code:0x5"
I have uninstalled and re-installed my laptop's toshiba power saver utility obtained from the toshiba website, but it continues to show this error, even though the power saver appears to be running fine (icon is present, app runs, fnkey + power modes works).

I have gone into the ZoneAlarm firewall and noted that the toshiba power saver utility is allowed full access, so i cant figure out why since the update i now have this error message.
Other than completely uninstalling zonealarm to solve this problem, is there a way in which i can revert back to the previous zonealarm version?

System Details: Toshiba satellite laptop, with windows xp sp3 with all the latest windows updates, Microsoft security essentials AV, and zonealarm FW.