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Thread: error code 127 and 1603

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    errywoodenpic Guest

    Exclamation error code 127 and 1603

    I Have been trying to up date from free version
    for the past four days. ( vista pro op)

    Each time I get
    1)Toolnit failed
    2)Error code 117 ( encountered error) (3aced2a)
    3) Error 1603
    Fatal error during installation

    4)When I next start the computer the procedure starts again.

    Any advice please????

    I have tried disabeling AVG....

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    The error 1603 may point to some corruption/permission/damage in the OS this may only be fixed by starting clean. OS clean-up/format. See for example here:

    I would personally try to restore the OS to a restore point previous to any attempt of installing ZA. Then I would first fully remove the old version (including using the ZA removal tool - clean.exe), reboot, turn on VISTA firewall, re-download the ZAfree installer and try again.

    If the above fails then I am not sure what to suggest other than OS reinstall or shifting to a firewall that works on the system and most of all is fully up-to-date.


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    Default Re: error code 127 and 1603


    ZoneAlarm is investigating this install issue.

    We suggest you uninstall anything from version

    1. Open your control panel select the Add remove programs / Program and Features

    2. If any of the following have been installed, uninstall them.
    - ZoneAlarm
    - ZoneAlarm toolbar
    - Do Not Track

    3. Download and run our clean up utility from:

    4. Download the previous version of Free ZA and install:

    - Free Firewall:

    - Free AV +Firewall:

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