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    wognath Guest

    Default Maxima computer algebra system

    I recently installed zone alarm and I find that my most-used program, the Maxima CAS, won't run. wxMaxima reports it cannot connect to maxima. Removing ZA toolbar, turning firewall off and exiting firewall all did not work.
    I also tried this, from
    Maxima GUI programs talk to the computational engine through a socket. Antivirus and/or firewall programs see that and try to block it ... Solution: Try to find the control panel for the antivirus and/or firewall. Find the Maxima GUI on the list of blocked programs and disable blocking for it.
    I added wxmaxima, xmaxima and maxima exe files as completely allowed processes, with no luck

    I have had to uninstall ZA, temporarily, I hope. Has anyone had success running Maxima with ZA? I'll appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

    XP home, sp3 on Lenovo S12 netbook, AVG free ZA free obtained 2/7/13
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